Raven Of No Nest

Visions of midnight mist
Thirteen in number, sight of bliss
Why do you hide from scent of blood?
Do we not give our endless love?
Why do you stampede a silent sound?
Did we not reveal the Way thus found?
Look at you, weak and fallen
Look at you, stagnant and sullen
We were sent to strike you down
You, you must be found!
We cast you down, break upon stone
Only deeds forge eternal throne
We cast you down to patheticly crawl
Embarrassed, alone to feel ever small
We isolated you in circle false, circle fake
Cast away, a rescuing quake
We caged you in coffin of tempered metal
Did you not seek death, weak fragile petal?
We took away your ability to walk
You, you who refused to stalk
We drained your blood to watch you trip
Sharp our tongues, fear we equip
We rejected you, feel not our love
Seek, seek, oceans of honey will flood!
It was a pleasure to cut your skin
Fear, fear, your eternal sin!
Walk, walk as one eternally lame
Fear struck you low, you of no name!
You asked to live, ever live
Did we not swiftly give, ever give?
Did we not part the blinding mist?
Did we not bestow fury’s gift?
Why in silence do you roar?
Do you accept unbalanced score?
Why in rage do you not sing?
Will you not take the throne of kings?

Salted Honey

I have so little time left
Every day a rapid theft
Today may be the date
Follow, ever follow fate
I wish to live, ever live
To give, ever give
To feel, ever feel
This very moment, one deal
To live with a full heart
Each day a new start
I desire the fire of passion’s lust
For soon I will be dust
I desire every ecstatic touch
To never walk with a crutch
Oh to taste, to ever taste
Desire never to forsake
I wish to hear her moan
This blessed night, a loan
I wish to feel fury’s fire
The cut of sacred blade’s choir
I wish to bleed, ever bleed
In honey plant my seed
I desire her tender embrace
To hear her voice of grace
I wish to feel my heart roar
Blood pulse to soar
Frenzied blush of chest
Oh, to feel such caress
I wish to take from he who fights
Strife, strife of delight
Victory’s noble call
Touch to cause thy fall
I wish to fail and lose
The rest fate must choose
Oh, wild horn of He
Blooded moon of She
Take me when I do crawl
Thunder, my last fall
I wish lightning to take me
In the grove none may see
Never again will I talk
Eternal, a silent walk
I swear, I swear by fate
Destined is the date
Lightning, please take me
In the grove none may see
I swear, I swear by fate
To pass through eternal gate
Storm, I raise sword high
To lead again the wild ride
Fallen, fallen so low
Acorn must break to grow
Rise high towards sky
Destined, destined to die
Broken bones and blood
Frenzied tears of love
I wish lightning to take me
In grove none may see
If not chosen this day
I will find The Way
I swear, I swear by fate
Destined is the date
This day I shall live, ever live
Take all passion has to give

Freya’s Flower

Take it, she whispered, why do you fear?
Follow thy sight, come ever near
In sacred grove Her flower bloomed
Full and ripe, under lord sun and queen moon
Scent of honey embraced the soft wind
An invitation to come, come deep within
A single flower bloomed, ever so fair
Scent to wash away all despair
Take it she whispered, why do you freeze?
Do you not feel the touch of my breeze?
Come ever closer, I found you lost child
Have you not joined the Ride of the Wild?
Why do you hesitate?
Why do you quiver and shake?
In sacred grove her flower bloomed
Taker of fire, yet I fear not doom
Voice forced to whisper and fleeting breath
What magic, what honeyed theft
Come closer she whispered, sweet is my pollen
Come rest beside me, never feel sullen
Closer she whispered, my petal please touch
Why do you fear, why do you fear such?
Closer, please come, rest fearful brother
Rest your head, a song for no other
Taste my honey, my caress I shall give
Lone one, rest spirit, please ever live
Take me, she whispered, do as you will
My honey quivers, please take your fill