Freya’s Flower

Take it, she whispered, why do you fear?
Follow thy sight, come ever near
In sacred grove Her flower bloomed
Full and ripe, under lord sun and queen moon
Scent of honey embraced the soft wind
An invitation to come, come deep within
A single flower bloomed, ever so fair
Scent to wash away all despair
Take it she whispered, why do you freeze?
Do you not feel the touch of my breeze?
Come ever closer, I found you lost child
Have you not joined the Ride of the Wild?
Why do you hesitate?
Why do you quiver and shake?
In sacred grove her flower bloomed
Taker of fire, yet I fear not doom
Voice forced to whisper and fleeting breath
What magic, what honeyed theft
Come closer she whispered, sweet is my pollen
Come rest beside me, never feel sullen
Closer she whispered, my petal please touch
Why do you fear, why do you fear such?
Closer, please come, rest fearful brother
Rest your head, a song for no other
Taste my honey, my caress I shall give
Lone one, rest spirit, please ever live
Take me, she whispered, do as you will
My honey quivers, please take your fill

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