Raven Of No Nest

Visions of midnight mist
Thirteen in number, sight of bliss
Why do you hide from scent of blood?
Do we not give our endless love?
Why do you stampede a silent sound?
Did we not reveal the Way thus found?
Look at you, weak and fallen
Look at you, stagnant and sullen
We were sent to strike you down
You, you must be found!
We cast you down, break upon stone
Only deeds forge eternal throne
We cast you down to patheticly crawl
Embarrassed, alone to feel ever small
We isolated you in circle false, circle fake
Cast away, a rescuing quake
We caged you in coffin of tempered metal
Did you not seek death, weak fragile petal?
We took away your ability to walk
You, you who refused to stalk
We drained your blood to watch you trip
Sharp our tongues, fear we equip
We rejected you, feel not our love
Seek, seek, oceans of honey will flood!
It was a pleasure to cut your skin
Fear, fear, your eternal sin!
Walk, walk as one eternally lame
Fear struck you low, you of no name!
You asked to live, ever live
Did we not swiftly give, ever give?
Did we not part the blinding mist?
Did we not bestow fury’s gift?
Why in silence do you roar?
Do you accept unbalanced score?
Why in rage do you not sing?
Will you not take the throne of kings?

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