Endless Cycle

The darkness is falling
The shadow is calling
My secret, mine alone
Black wings have grown
You should not be here
The void, do not stare
My darkness is falling
Blood crow is calling
You are weak, her sweet hiss
My lover, her honeyed kiss
In pain purge thyself
Darkness, my only wealth
Punishment and broken skin
Alone, alone, no ancient kin
Beaten body my soothing spell
Of the stars I have fell
My darkness is falling
The endless cycle calling
You must leave my side
I must go die
Do not linger long
Listen not to this song
Feel not this burden
My death is certain



The Gallowglass

I am no knight
For harder I do fight
I have not my grandfather’s land
My own feet I do stand
I have not my father’s sword
The only truth my promised word
I was not born of silk and gold
Of the earth my hands are sold
I have not my family’s steed
Not the nobles unearned greed
My steel does not shine bright
Blackened from the true fight
Weak are not my legs
I must walk, the gift God gave
I have not unearned glory
Of my hands, my immortal story
Upon no softened throne do I sit
The open sky my mantled gift
I have not a gilded sword
Axe of earth, my promised word
I have not the sinews weak
Of the wild I do speak
Of crawling gold I do not shine
Beneath the Oak, I do dine
I am no knight
For harder I do fight
Of blood and dirt I have learned
Castles and thrones I shall burn