Child of the Vanir

Raven’s crown upon her brow bright
Voice of silver, shining night
Queen of sacred gloried hall
Freya’s boars, a honeyed call
She who rules the mist filled way
Wild hearts never wander astray
Her shadowed hand, matron’s mist
Life and death, her blood kiss
Fierce is Spear Maiden’s hand
Never need her shield stand
Furious to be first to fall
First to rise, her echoed call
Blood anointed by sacred blade
Sacrificed, the grace she gave
None may approach our Lady fair
We are the tusks of Blood Crow’s care
Never need she raise her hand in war
We are Her fury unleashed, thunder’s roar
With one word our blood is cooled
We love the whip, the leash when pulled
Lady of my heart’s blood fire
Rampant boar, self sacrifice my desire

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