Honoured Tyr

I am the honour of spirit’s flame
I am the dignity of silent name
Unbreakable is the true sword
Unbreachable is my oathbound word
Never call my name with empty hand
I answer only the sword that stands
My brethren who walk the martial way
Never will I guide you astray
He who wears the sword belt true
You shall rise, your time ever due
Cast down falsehood, the pretender’s play
Noble sword’s kiss, my only way
I am vengeance, destroyer of word false
I am the punishment of oath speakers lost
Each day grasp the sword in glory’s name
Each day give all, reclaim our lost fame
Cast down the traitorous, the fantasy’s path
Master the sword, single thy grasp
Right hand of power, the dragon’s tongue
Chorus of steel, the only truth sung
Rise my children of wounded blood
In sacrifice seek power, ever rising flood
Draw forth the steel and wear the belt true
First and the last, death is our due

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