Many Shields

I am never alone
Ancient Oak stands, sprouted seed sown
The solstice flame burned bright
Oath bound heroes from beyond sight
For the Divine Crows herald my coming quake
The Honoured Dead stampede in my wake
I have many shields
Ever standing Oak of the Field
Shatter and split my grasp
I shall rise again, never will I ask
Cast me down and curse my name
Cut my skin, seek fleeting fame
I have many shields
Many hearts, never alone in the field
The Divine Crows herald my coming
The Honoured Dead appear from nothing
They call me father, brother and son
Were you walk we shall never shun
The Storm Maidens grant me blissful sleep
Honey soaked, moaning never meek
The Warriors Lone grant the sword strong
My path of fellowship will never be long
Seek to cast me from the field
I give not an inch, for I have many shields

The Black Oak

Thousands of years ago I fell asunder
Struck by lightning, choir of thunder
Storm winds wailed, into the bog I fell
Consumed by time, I have much to tell
Hidden by darkness, I slumbered light
For millennia I listened day and night
I was watered by rain, blood and hail
I have much to show, many a tale
I heard of love and hatred burn
I witnessed nightmares and dreams unheard
I felt prayers and sacrifice of life
I heard painful wails and woeful strife
I felt generations pass with hope
Barely a whisper, fragile words spoke
Lifetimes passed before my eyes
The ancestral halls filled by those who died
Upon an unknown day I felt light
Pulled to the surface by hands of delight
My body was once a golden glow
Now black as night of the moon whole
Caring hands embraced my ancient form
I rose again, returned and reborn
I see a world traveling towards death
Such is the price, price of human theft
It saddens me, a world destined to end
I have returned, the Otherworld did send
If we are to fall it will be in glory’s name
We shall forge an everlasting fame
One worth remembrance, of spirit’s embrace
Until none live to remember, cycle of grace
There is much work to be done, each day a gift
Destined to fail, we must heal the great rift