The Black Oak

Thousands of years ago I fell asunder
Struck by lightning, choir of thunder
Storm winds wailed, into the bog I fell
Consumed by time, I have much to tell
Hidden by darkness, I slumbered light
For millennia I listened day and night
I was watered by rain, blood and hail
I have much to show, many a tale
I heard of love and hatred burn
I witnessed nightmares and dreams unheard
I felt prayers and sacrifice of life
I heard painful wails and woeful strife
I felt generations pass with hope
Barely a whisper, fragile words spoke
Lifetimes passed before my eyes
The ancestral halls filled by those who died
Upon an unknown day I felt light
Pulled to the surface by hands of delight
My body was once a golden glow
Now black as night of the moon whole
Caring hands embraced my ancient form
I rose again, returned and reborn

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