Patient Frenzy

Beloved strangers, veiled faces known
How many lifetimes have we grown?
Shadowed comrades, fated to meet
The twisted path we do seek
Do you see the stars this night?
An eternal union, eye’s delight
A fire will burn that awaits my voice
Tell me a tale of one with no choice
A fire will burn that awaits my glare
A union of shadowed faces stare
There is dirt that awaits my touch
Ever wounded and never a crutch
A cup of nectar awaits my desire
I raise my glass to this unknown fire
To you who walks the path of fate
Ever destined is our date
For the sun speaks of a time to come
A ship to sail, failure to ever shun
If first I fall and fail to rise
Upon storm winds spirits will ride
For the winds carry the unknown fate
The winds do guide this destined date
I await the day we meet
In silence we shall first greet
Tonight of this shadowed moon
I do praise the forest groom
Tonight under stars we see
The maiden grows to ever be
This night I raise my glass to you
This path of fate our only due

Oak Heart

I am Father of the Forest, Son of the Earth
Sower of seed, each sprout a new birth
Hungry roots pierce deep the land
Shadowed leaves fall, a whispered lost clan
My deepest of love, you I shall shield
King of the heart, Oak of the field
I fear not the axe nor thunder above
I fear the slow rot, the thought of lost love
Your burden my kindred, I shall ever bear
The stars and the moon, remember with care
The sun does grant bliss and taketh away
By lightning, lightning shall be my last day