Red King

I am the Red King

Chorus of the wild, my song they do sing

Ever have I been and ever will I be

Pillar of all suns, leaves of eternal tree

Religion I know not, unbound I am free

Single path I know, sacred if thou be

I am the blood that bleeds red

The great cycle ever fed

I am the beating heart aflame

True king without a name

Rising Tide

Waves of turmoil and thundering skies
The Huntsman, the storm he rides
Brothers and sisters, the tides do rise
To ever drown the oppressor’s lies
Ride the tides of chaos high
Rise the will to never die
Rejoice, we shall rejoice
Those who act with no choice
For those who crawl, chained to follow
Shall rise to lead beyond sorrow
Those who lead with tyrant’s grip
Fleeting, their world does slip
For we shall dance in the garden’s bloom
Of castles that burn in fated doom
We shall see their mansions fall
A gift of nothing, ever small
For does our blood not bleed red?
No longer seek the meal once fed
For he born low shall rise as king
He born high, his fall we sing
May old world laws be swept away
The rising tide, her ever sway
Royalty shall fall to never return
Worthless crowns shall ever burn
For we shall dance, hope our song
A new world, an old road long