Never A Secret, Always A Rhyme

Short and sweet
First to leave and last to greet
The one who speaks of Loki most
Knows but an untouched ghost
Be silent, into the shadow stare
Be patient, a long road prepare
Each thy seed shall grow in time
Never a secret, always a rhyme
Speak not of silent sound
Think not a thought unground
Stormwinds blow sweet thy flute
The unknown mist travels mute

Child of the Vanir

Raven’s crown upon her brow bright
Voice of silver, shining night
Queen of sacred gloried hall
Freya’s boars, a honeyed call
She who rules the mist filled way
Wild hearts never wander astray
Her shadowed hand, matron’s mist
Life and death, her blood kiss
Fierce is Spear Maiden’s hand
Never need her shield stand
Furious to be first to fall
First to rise, her echoed call
Blood anointed by sacred blade
Sacrificed, the grace she gave
None may approach our Lady fair
We are the tusks of Blood Crow’s care
Never need she raise her hand in war
We are Her fury unleashed, thunder’s roar
With one word our blood is cooled
We love the whip, the leash when pulled
Lady of my heart’s blood fire
Rampant boar, self sacrifice my desire

Son of Yggdrasil

My heart shall be light
Honeyed tongue to grant you might
My voice shall summon pleasure
Speaker of Oak, time has no measure
My eye shall be gold
Single pillar never sold
Lightning shall stand you straight
Ever seeking destined date
I am of my sister’s will
Reflected lover, I take my fill
I serve she of golden hair
Piercing the void, is her stare
I am right hand of Raven’s crown
Hung and pierced, I have drowned
Storm wind’s call, a whisper small
Fate, your fate shall never crawl

The Shield

I am foundation and roof
Line first and line last
In service I live
No trespassers may pass
Life fated short
Sundered I shall fall
Bound to oath and honour
I shall never crawl
I am weapon, not armour
Lightning cast forth
Smother foe’s fire
Storm wind of the north
When bound to my brothers
Oak of the field stands
For each one lone standing
A king shouldering the land
I guard not a warrior
Not he who wields might
Our sons, daughters and lovers
Shielded each day, each night

The Black Oak Coven

Countless voices call out our name
Countless names, never one same
Silent whispers in our sleeping hearts
Awake, awake, a new sun, a new start
Endless souls, we hear their pained cries
Endless voices, the fated who died
Countless souls, we hear their ecstatic bliss
Ancestral power, so long we have missed
Endless wails, we hear a single furious roar
Arise, arise, raven’s wings shall soar
Denounce the slaves of the jealous one
Traitors all! Each one do shun
Break the chains of imposed decree
Rise from our blood, rise for all to see
Cast down the shaven lamb, the enslaved soul
Reclaim, reclaim what the slavemaster stole
The thunder roars, whom do you hear!?
Stand ever tall, cast away foreign fear
The storm wind wails, what do you feel!?
Arise ever high, never again will they steal
Walk ever proud children of earth and mist
Proclaim our blood truth, voice of iron fist
The traitors are many, their weakness does crawl
Stride as the giant, cast down false lineage small
Know whom you are, know each your scar
Healed are our wounds, never again wander far
Sanctity and honour, knock upon death’s door
Traitorous land of false brothers, a declaration of war.

Endless Cycle

The darkness is falling
The shadow is calling
My secret, mine alone
Black wings have grown
You should not be here
The void, do not stare
My darkness is falling
Blood crow is calling
You are weak, her sweet hiss
My lover, her honeyed kiss
In pain purge thyself
Darkness, my only wealth
Punishment and broken skin
Alone, alone, no ancient kin
Beaten body my soothing spell
Of the stars I have fell
My darkness is falling
The endless cycle calling
You must leave my side
I must go die
Do not linger long
Listen not to this song
Feel not this burden
My death is certain



The Gallowglass

I am no knight
For harder I do fight
I have not my grandfather’s land
My own feet I do stand
I have not my father’s sword
The only truth my promised word
I was not born of silk and gold
Of the earth my hands are sold
I have not my family’s steed
Not the nobles unearned greed
My steel does not shine bright
Blackened from the true fight
Weak are not my legs
I must walk, the gift God gave
I have not unearned glory
Of my hands, my immortal story
Upon no softened throne do I sit
The open sky my mantled gift
I have not a gilded sword
Axe of earth, my promised word
I have not the sinews weak
Of the wild I do speak
Of crawling gold I do not shine
Beneath the Oak, I do dine
I am no knight
For harder I do fight
Of blood and dirt I have learned
Castles and thrones I shall burn



Solstice Flame

Riders! Stormwind’s Wild Ride!
I summon thee, oath bound to my side!
Huntsmen! The Huntsman does cry!
Oath bound, oath bound, to me come fly!
Ever stand, brothers of pride!
Come, come glowing who died
The life stream we stalk
Speakers who walk
As conquerers you come
We shall conquer the sun
Beside me do stand
Watch over my land
Blood of the clan
Beside you I stand