The Axe

In this axe I do put trust
Sweat shall save us from greed filled lust
With this axe I shall create life
I choose not to walk in strife
My brothers, let us not shatter shields
My brothers, let us plough the fields
This axe is all I need
My saviour from lustful greed
I shall reap the sacred tree of forest
Hewn to timber, strike filled chorus
I shall frame this divine home strong
Stone foundation, it shall stand long
With axe I shall create bow and spear
Hunt the forest of sacred game dear
I shall split the oak and build roof strong
This is the will of the Roaring Throng
With this axe I shall protect what is mine
One day, beside gods I shall dine
From me, do not seek theft
Do not approach so near death
Let us not shatter shields
Let us plough the fields
Let us not seek strife
Let us create new life
My axe shall build fire of love
Let us not seek frenzy’s flood
For my axe shall wage total war
To life comes blood soaked lore
Let us not shatter shields
Let us plough the fields
Let us measure wealth in sweat
Let us not create blood debt
Feel the pain of endless work
Peace or war, the path is forked
With this axe I shall create life
I choose not to walk in strife
My brothers, let us not shatter shields
My brothers, let us plough the fields


I vow no blade shall touch my head
High King once swore to the Honoured Dead
Neither combed nor cut shall be my mane
I care not if you deem me sane
This vow I shall till death keep
Until one banner my brethren seek
A single sight, a single dream
This I vow, nothing is as it seems
The plait of my spirit shall grow as Oak
To our gods High King has spoke
This tireless burden I shall carry
The power to never become weary
Until my brethren have Single Eye
This I vow, in sanctity and honour to die

Honoured Tyr

I am the honour of spirit’s flame
I am the dignity of silent name
Unbreakable is the true sword
Unbreachable is my oathbound word
Never call my name with empty hand
I answer only the sword that stands
My brethren who walk the martial way
Never will I guide you astray
He who wears the sword belt true
You shall rise, your time ever due
Cast down falsehood, the pretender’s play
Noble sword’s kiss, my only way
I am vengeance, destroyer of word false
I am the punishment of oath speakers lost
Each day grasp the sword in glory’s name
Each day give all, reclaim our lost fame
Cast down the traitorous, the fantasy’s path
Master the sword, single thy grasp
Right hand of power, the dragon’s tongue
Chorus of steel, the only truth sung
Rise my children of wounded blood
In sacrifice seek power, ever rising flood
Draw forth the steel and wear the belt true
First and the last, death is our due

Golden Mane

Golden Mane was not born
Child ignorant of our scorn
Strength not gifted free
The ship is to see the sea
The Golden Boar was not delivered
Into the coals the serpents slithered
Forged of fire and true earth
Each painful strike, a new birth
The sun a rampant mane
Tusks of one deemed insane
Fated, one must charge forth
Burning star of the north
Into the forest one shall retreat
Seed of oak, warrior’s meat
Leave me to my silent stampede
This solitude I do need
Indeed, for you, I wish to speak
But how does such one greet?
The magic sounds between each
What worth will we seek?
Do you hear Lightning’s song?
What wish do you long?
Do you hear the Goddess sing?
Have you felt the honeyed sting?
If we knew not, what do the stars show?
If we knew not, what is the sun’s glow?
The scent of flower, what do you feel?
A full moon of autumn, is this life real?
I shall retreat
Into the forest none may greet
There is too much to feel
Too much to steal
I will return glowing bright
The inferno grows with delight
From the forge came forth the Golden Boar
Flaming arrow, to death one soars

Never A Secret, Always A Rhyme

Short and sweet
First to leave and last to greet
The one who speaks of Loki most
Knows but an untouched ghost
Be silent, into the shadow stare
Be patient, a long road prepare
Each thy seed shall grow in time
Never a secret, always a rhyme
Speak not of silent sound
Think not a thought unground
Stormwinds blow sweet thy flute
The unknown mist travels mute