So It Begins


“None can withstand my magic, beloved one.
The challenge will be absolute. All gods will witness.
Not a man amongst them is greater than I.”

“My Champion, my fierce Hound, my beloved.
My unbreakable shield: you will never fall.
Go forth and show them who we are.”

Forever King

Lady of the Lake Art Final

Her voice as smooth honey
Her touch as oil warmed
The Otherworld beckons You
You who are king
Take what is yours
Birthright to claim
Come to me
My embrace is warm
My eyes yet cold
You who are both:
Come to me
A gift from death
A life with nothing left
Come to me
You are the Ever-King
My flower it blooms
For you who are the Sun
I seek your warmth
Feel my embrace
Victorious one
Defeated one
One to live forever
Feel my embrace
Feel my embrace
Take up the sword
Never to be sheathed
Feel my embrace