Yule Feast

Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
Down through the chimney, came one to play
To snatch what is his, not long he will stay
Some deserve gifts, some deserve only coal
Yet the worst of the worst, Krampus stole
Tell the small ones to listen, to come sit and hear
When on snow moon glistens, there is one to fear
A tale oh so true, he strikes with a switch
No charm to protect, not from saint nor good witch
His skin beastly black, long horns as a goat
Red eyes aglow, scent of chimney smoke
With sharp smile and laughter, he stuffs full his bag
Into the darkness, bound children dragged
For Krampus is hungry, his most favoured treat
Naughty child well spiced, with greed he does eat
So small one come sit, be silent and hear
When in distance chains rattle, there is one to fear
On cold Yule nights, window scratch you may hear
Just beyond sight, Krampus watches, so near


The Devil’s Crew

When night is still and owls do shriek
When air is thick and mist does creep
A song does stir upon the breeze
The Devil’s crew, a slow decree
A solemn march upon death’s moor
The witching hour, Old Gallows door
When road is black, flames break sight
A creeping cart rumbles along at night
A crooked tune upon the wind
The Devil’s crew, come back again
A whispered lament, a moaning song
To have fought till end, life no longer long
Shots of rum, flaming delight
Oh, to only return to Captain’s last fight
To die erect a chest aflame
Not to hang, our bodies lame
Captain brave and fierce as sin
We should have died next to sworn kin
His eyes as coal aflame on shore
Hell’s smoke billowed from his core
A twinkle alight always in eye
Silent threat of men to die
As the ocean became women fair
Upon men’s hearts he struck despair
One’s last fight, immortal cry
In death the Captain never died
Lament of time now lost
Such our end, the die thus tossed
When night is still and owls do shriek
When air is thick and mist does creep
A song does stir upon the breeze
The Devil’s crew, a slow decree
A crooked tune upon the wind
The Devil’s crew, come back again

Sleepy Hollow

We call this Sleepy Hollow
A land sacredly hallow
For it is a quiet valley of forest
A silent chorus
A graveyard here and there
The hidden one thus near
So few travel through
Young tree that has grew
Around fire bright and stark
Stories whispered in the dark
Of goblins, witches and ghosts
Deep forest, ever host
Story true, story real
A rider upon your heel
Indeed, when moon is bright
Shining moon reveals sight
A rider comes upon the wind
A rider the Otherworld does send
Upon untravelled forest track
A hunter rides to make his pact
My eyes have thus burned
A soul that has learned
When owl sings sorrow’s song
Through the night wind howls long
A galloping from distance comes near
God’s eyes through you stare

Land Of The Fey

Traveller of realms
Come follow this way
Around our domain
We show you
There are many halls in this land
Many troupes and many bands
Rolling hills and glowing meadows
Trees of old and sacred groves
Here we dance here we feast
In all directions:
North, west, south, and east
The spirits of the dead roam round
Free from chains
Spirits no longer bound
Follow the orbs that lead the way
In this land we ever play
Paths of light that turn to shadow
Paths of shadow that lead to light
Taking the pure were they wish to be
And leading the corrupt ever astray
We change our shape to what we wish
In this land we have many gifts
They have given us many names
Yet all names are one and the same
For humans love over arrangement
To save themselves from derangement
Things are so simple
If only they knew
Strip away what is not needed
Overcomplicated and thoughts mistreated
The fair forest halls travel as free
You will always be welcome
Always find good company
A dance a song
A plate a drink
A warm welcome
A fair embrace
Though I give a wise warning
Know manner of guest
And manner of host
We have our ways here
Be polite if you wish care
Capriciousness roused if you dare
The lakes are warm
The rivers run free
The fish swim in wealth
Take as you wish freely
The plants ever bloom
And taste ever sweet
The deer may be taken
If taken respectfully
The mountainous halls
Forested path dark and deep
Were crows they screech
And wolves do speak
Sky red and sky gold
Tread not that path lightly
That is the hall of the old
Were the warriors feast
Shifters of shape, eyes of a beast
Protectors and champions
Chosen for deed
Leave them to their ways
Understand you will not
Unpredictable and dangerous
You are not of their lot
Follow this way
Our lands are eternally young
Our sun is bright
Our moon is sung
Your heart will choose
What your eyes will see
The cycle of life
Shown eternally
It is like this and like that
Like spokes on the wheel
Spirits of old and some spirits of new
Few have come lately
We welcome you

Isobel The Fair

Isobel, fair Isobel, my poor dear fair Isobel
The time you lived in was their make believe hell
A prisoner in an age of despair
Beauty was yours with long crimson hair
Creative mind with spirit so free
Body chained to a time, chained to tyranny
Forced husband a bore, strictly and lame
You desired more and joined the witches’ game
You can not be blamed for breaking the cage
I could never imagine living in that dark deathly age
Laws built of brimstone, fire and terror
Men living this way was the greatest of error
Run Isobel run, run far away
Come to the forest, join us in the witches’ way
They blame you for passion of artist disguised
Run far away, away from cursed eyes
They blame your frolic and your care free play
Let the tyrants be tyrants, come join the witches’ way
They blame you for wanting and for your natural lust
An enslaved beautiful woman, they held themselves in disgust
If you lived today, you would have the freedom of way
A painter a poet, a witch who loves play
I mourn your lovely spirit, heart broken, a slave
If you had rights, what might you have gave
They twisted your words and cursed you in book
Did you escape the fools wrath with your bewitching look
Run Isobel run, fly far far away
Fly to us this day, to join in the witches’ play

The Good Walkers

When evil witches prowl and prey
The Benandanti come out to play
When foul magic takes aflight
The Good Walkers come out to fight
When disease and famine threaten the land
The land’s protectors take their stand
Spirits sent forth to battle gloom
To send evil ones to their doom
Yet the Jealous One ruled the law
And spoke a curse to damn them all
A dark time under treacherous decree
Death and torture influenced by insanity
This day remember the Good Walkers name
They came to bless and not to maim