The Brotherhood

Bring me before the conclave
For I have listened to what they gave
What sun’s glow?
Shining steel to show
Bring me before the High Authority
I shall represent His glory
Wholeness circles the shield
Ever blooming, immortal field
Noble Prince of Lion’s sight
King of Beasts cower from brow’s light
The Eye thus to tame steel
Victory, One must first feel
Noble Lady to ever honour
Touch of grace to ever ponder
Daughter and Mother of God
It is I fair lady, your loyal Dog
Thus the steel has been found
Noble Brotherhood, arise from ground
Humility, I bring before thee
In balance we ever see

Bloodied Cross

Liechtenauer copy
In search of Liechtenauer
Young knight learn:
His opening words
Epitome to become such
Germanic tradition of knightly war
Disciples within many a land
Spoken and written
Repeated as shown
Seek this way to the sword
In it you will find truth
The longsword in hand
So nimble and light
Follow this way
You will see through the fight
Many centuries passed
Under image and word
Pages washed in age
With so much to say
What I see when I look
Men who flash to life
Wielding only strife
They move with such strength
Immovable limb and fluid grace
Perfectly balanced in power
Words so easily understood
They said this yet truly said that
One must apply in the act
I never can match
What I see brought to life
Thus the path of an artist
Seek perfection for personal delight
Bloodied cross longsword so bright
Foundation of stone
Seek the epitome
Ages bound and noble
A truthful art
Awakened from slumber
The sword is lightening and thunder

Sacred Space, Sacred Blood


This is the place of Champions
This is the Forge of Iron
The time no one will witness
The pain no one will see
The blood no one will taste
What happens here is Sacred
This is our daily ritual
Alone, yet never alone
They need no invocation
They are already here
They always come
Outsiders are not welcome
Perversion is not accepted
The Earth breathes beneath ones bare feet
The vortex of energy spirals as a storm
It begins slow
It begins artful
Technique masterful
Technique and art do not win the fight
Technique and art do not survive the chaos
Only unbridled blood fury
Only unremorseful spite
The pounding takes over
Limbs of Stone!
Breath of Fire!
Hissing Tongue!
Humanity filters away
Only The Fury lives
Pounding, ever- pounding
Pain means nothing
Exhaustion means nothing
Pounding, ever-pounding
Are you weak?!
Will you stand amongst us?!
Blood must be given!
Blood is demanded!
Limbs of Stone!
Breath of Fire!
Hissing Tongue!
Pounding, ever-pounding
The fury eventually fades
Humanity returns
You stand amongst us
Blood has been given
Taste it…
Limbs of Stone…
Breath of Fire…
Hissing Tongue…