Druid’s Tale

Come gather round
The fire of sound
Draw forth the knife
Fear no strife
From soul bled
Spirit led
Drop upon the fire thee
Invoke what one might see
From fire come forth
Spirits of the north
Tell the tale of ancient might
Tell the tale of ancient sight
Far away in glowing mist
Distant island far amiss
High king and champions stand
Roots of magic within the land
Upon the mound of Severed Heads
Hungry god whom he fed
Time of lust
Of much disgust
Drove all to hate and slay
Oh so insecure was each day
Fed and led
Spirit of dread
Survival invoked spirit
Attack any threat near it
Half of a whole
Souls he stole
Upon one night
Deep ritual sight
King and champions stand
Powerful ritual cast upon the land
Night glow was whole
Storm winds blow
Leaves of blood and fire
Ecstasy filled desire
River of sacrifice ran red
Countless enemies captured bled
Trophies displayed high
Screams cast to the sky
Frenzy unbound
Howls of the hound
Night of devotion
Energy as the ocean
The prowling one thus prowled
Invoking frenzy of the crowd
All sacrifices given
Nothing hidden
In praise the warriors sang
To forever remember name
Warriors caught in blood
Dancing in the frenzied flood
Fell upon ones own sword
Invoking the gods mighty word
Entrails pulled forth to claim eternal might
Bloody deeds cast this night
One and the other
Each one a brother
Sacrificing self
Seeking blessing and eternal wealth
A flame across the isles north
From so many blood ran forth
Sacrifice of army great
Ritual remembered to this date
Magic imbued into this land
The Frenzied One is here to stand


Golden Myths

Come hither once more
Sit still with ease
The fire still warm
The flame a bright delight
For I will speak of the one mighty
The one shining and bright
Eye of the sun
Upon crown stars adorn
Justly words of oaths are sworn
Lord of misty isles
A shining king
Upon the land
Stood beings bright
Travelers of mist filled ways
Lovers of the night and day
A king upon bedrock throne
With a voice of stone
Carved marble refined
A sweet honeyed tongue
Poured out as wine
For all the kingdom loved him so
True and strong
Every harper sung
Only of his song
Poppy seed smoke
When battle not stoked
A jar never emptied
A heart ever alive
A master of arts all
No task to large
To make one feel small
Hands of pure gold
With the slightest of whim
For magic was his mould
All adored and praised him
All round strong warriors stood
For generous with love
Yet in battle
Never a dove
A blood frenzied shifter
As from night to day
With gallant blood song
None could stand in his way
Lord of warriors true and bold
Legends bright and myths of old
The land she wept
With his parting
His path to the mist
A kingdom a tribe
All would miss
For many would come to isle distant
The great mound
The age of iron
Blood and fire
An age of desire
Blood-filled vice
Humanities soul
Becoming steel
Rotting as rust
All dust to dust
Yet within the mist
The wise have spoken
The golden one wanders
Never mislead
To come again
One bright and strong
As long as our souls sing
His pure truthful song

Shadowed Legends

Come gather
Come round
Come hither and listen
To the words of my sound
Millennia past
When only blood spilt
Blood drenched
Did one last
Stood the misty isle
A blood drenched god bold
Perhaps simply vile
An eclipse of the sun so bright
To many will be a horrible plight
Lord of the severed head
The sacrificial altar
By whom the wolves were led
Warriors who did not falter
A time of darkness
A time of despair
Blades of darkening metal
Blood drenched plaited hair
Warrior cult
Blood corruption
Blood sought
I time to be understood not
Half human half wolf
What price that they took
Indomitable in battle
Slaughtering all men as cattle
Eaters of flesh
Human heart and blood wine
For only upon such
Would such frenzy dine
What price a king pays
For such wolves of battle
No gold
Never sold for such babble
Flesh of the young
Firstborn sacrifice
Such bloodlust and power
Came with the darkest price
Unstoppable and purely insane
During the darkest of age
During the darkest rage
The dance
The chant
Reputation of pure dread
Collectors of mounds
Mounds of severed heads
The wolves of the isle
Shape shifters of choice
Neither moon nor sun nigh
Control of the sky
Dwellers afar
Fens and mountains high
A time long ago
Iron and fire
How insecure was life
Snuffed by the slightest desire
A tale true or false?
One can not claim with proof
For many would write
Corrupting the truth
To cast blame
To cast false claim
Claiming one insane
Or perhaps
Round fire so bright
Tales spoken by old sight
Legends astir
Of humans with fur
Who walked on all fours
When metal became black
Sacrifice an art
So many souls bled
The altar stained red