Fox Skin

Frenzied one, unbound one
Bringer of wine
Ecstasy’s father, ecstasy’s son
Ecstatic we dine
Dancers are many
Joyous and ripe
Oh what a pleasure
Sight a delight
Horns of the horned
Music of night
Rivers of nectar
Dance of moon light
Grove of the ancient
Drink of far sight
Cast down thy self
Drink deep of might


Strider of Fire

One spear echoes to sky of birth
One spear roots to pierce the earth
Wolf of night
Silvered helm one eyed bright
Drink of lightning consumed
This fire brings no doom
Howl of echoing strength
Wounding held at length
Feet are strong
Intent stretched long
Confidence one must walk
Silence one must talk
Rite of fire
Wolf is dire
Fire stride
Bare skin ride
A small test
Hidden from the rest
At times a mystery it can be
The most powerful secret none may see
Bare skinned dance
Wolves last chance
Eyes that blunt ones sword
Stealing ones will without a word
Two spears are the rite
True wolves howl this night


Norse shield I created several years ago.

Hunter’s Gift

The misty forest
Cold and deep
Stalking with ill intent
Wet leaves of silence
Wilderness smells as guidance
Laughter I hear far away
A melody of many
Sounds of feminine youth and play
Follow the music
My ears lead the way
Leaves become dry
Air grows slowly warm
The mist a golden blanket aglow
Nothing here appears old
The grove ahead
Stands a white tree
Five maidens sway and dance
Circling so free
Singing and laughing
Clothes made of mist
Oh what a sight to see
Vibrant and life filled
Daughters of natures peak
With hair of autumn red
And summer gold
Winter white
And midnight bright
Nectar filled flowers of spring
I feel no wind
Yet it appears a breeze blows
Life bloom at the feet
A floating step that does not meet
I have passed the hedge
Fey have beckoned me ahead
Never one to to only stare
Put down the gun
Make your presence bare
They stop to see
Eyes wondrous and free
Like foxes of sly luaghter
They dance behind the trees
Eyes peak around
Curious and with no frown
A lingering thought
A feeling that leads the way
Follow us follow us
Come with us and stay
Upon unknown breeze cannabis I smell
Or perhaps I am under a spell
Ahead they dance
Skipping away
Looking ever behind they sway
Come follow this way
You belong with Our Kind
Crossing over a stream of mead
Oh what magic I taste and see
Why do you seduce me so
All my wishes they know and sow
As they spiral and float
Follow us they silently spoke
The champion’s portion awaits
A glass never empty
A pipe ever burns up ahead
Follow us follow us
Never mislead
Leave the empty world behind
Follow us follow us
You belong with Our Kind


Great Queen
Lady of Sky
You have been betrayed
From the moment you became locked in myth written
Created by hands of a slave
The imagery of you is blasphemy
From abrahamic romanticism a century past
To modern hypocrisy of those who look to you
Yet they would be terrified to walk your true path
You, great queen
A lady from distant isles
Recorded under lands across the sea
You are more than they say
You are enlightenment in female one
Warriors bound to your will
Magic yours to command
Beauty and fertility bestowed upon the land
Only the hanged one to match you
You are an eminence from the time you ruled
Yet your myth recorded is under pretense and agenda
How dare a woman be such amongst slaves
Yet deep in the past things were much differently
Your name is beyond what they say
The crow who flies
The magic that causes battle to sway
The fierce eyed and lovely hipped
Desire for such is every mans back felt whip
To invoke you is to bring about One
Your path is the moon and sun
Poetic Frenzy in one culture
Is the pair if the unknowing care
Do not be enslaved by one mans texts
A blessing yet a curse it is
He was under the enslaved hex
True words are read twice as long
First understand the long dead heart song
Looking upon your broken image
Is a modern mirage
They must see your rightful place
Believing you are bound to one time and culture
What a disgrace
Trickled to a time of matrilineal society
That was the way of many a land
The modern mind of both sexes can not understand
I final name upon you placed
The Great Lady they called you
Your last written place
Yet today we have awoken
From the slavery of man broken
A thousand years of terror
Perhaps we will see their error
Mighty Queen
Goddess of War
Sorceress Supreme
Fertility in abundance
Beauty none could imagine gleamed
Enlightenment and Oneness your path
Call the warriors back torward
Pledged we are to move forward