Wandering Ghost

Under torture one speaks insane
Under culture one is the same
A fragmented spirit
Fragmented host
One to touch it
Wandering ghost
In current age
Day so few a sage
What we may know
Seeds that we sow
Freedom a choice
Flower thus moist
Yet not here now
Return to hand plow
Damn and to cage
Foul blade of an age
Who obtained magical sight
Vision of shining night
You crossed upon
An age long gone
Living in such cage
Suppressed age
Yet every age is this way
Those who seek of this day
What one did say
Listen not to painful cries
Extracted by one who already died
Self knew not
What truly one knew
Lost in a time
A caged you
Yet all is revealed
Revealed in time due
Tribe whose spirit wandered far
Tribe who sees no light
No star
From slumber open sight
Do not be cast down
Cast down by false plight
Do not accept their language stark
False tongue
Bred of the dark
With no air their lung
Lonesome spirit unsung
Do not call us such a name
Do not claim foreign blame
Blame of foreign guilt and lie
Unknown will, freedom to die
Fly from the whip
Do not be tamed
See our truth
Do not seek blame
This unknown noise
Tyrannical name
From a culture so insane
See the face for what is true
See the face
A new you
Claim true line
The star will shine
Shine upon name true
Shine again when time is due

Shadow Fey

I am called Du Sith
My sword I do give
This day I curse
Those who are not to live
For our paths have crossed
The die have been tossed
Our wills desire the same
Today one will lose name
Thus I have travelled
Fate thus unravelled
It is better to have me with you
Than have us against you
Never wise is such a decision
We kill with precision
I am named Du Sith
I have crossed the great rift
No name escapes my will
Corpses only still
I will quickly depart
Share not my art
With done deed
Planted fear born seed
Fear not
I will not remain
You may continue to rot
Return to the lame
Do not feel threat
I care nothing of your debt
I have come as the Will
To take Our fill
Only here this day
I will keep your armies fear at bay
A name has been given
My sword thus driven
Never again to draw breath
No escape, even in death
I offer my sword
Blood is my word
If ever You are upon the List
Your life will no longer exist
Yet this day
I offer my hand
Come now
Let us stand

Otherworldly Host

Wandering forest
Pitch black and night
A glow in the distance
Caught in my sight
How strange a thing this could be
A light is a stranger
Perhaps a threat to me
Too deep in the night
To not offer fight
As sight grows near
Sweet melody I hear
An ethereal sight
So dark
Yet so bright
Greetings known stranger
She casts to my way
I offer no danger
Fair night silver lady
Night of the day
I must ask
What led you my way
Come, Come now one of delight
A feast awaits
A feast of much sight
Follow quite quickly
I lead the way
Come, come, night of the day
To eternal tree
Gates none may see
Travel the roots
No need for harsh boots
Leap over the hedge
The world beyond edge
Misty music her song
Come now, do not feel long
For the feast awaits
What a blessed date
The candle light aglow
Come now, feel no low
Plate of desire
Cup ever of fire
Good company shared
A pleasure glared
A toast to the lady fair
Yet I know not who I stare
Asked what is your name
I am the Queen of Elphame
She silently spoke
Lady of misty fire stoked
For you, an ever host
Sometimes, a wandering ghost
Drink well and eat deep
This land grants blissful sleep
Blessings I send this night
My host welcomes you
You, forever bright

Isobel The Fair

Isobel, fair Isobel, my poor dear fair Isobel
The time you lived in was their make believe hell
A prisoner in an age of despair
Beauty was yours with long crimson hair
Creative mind with spirit so free
Body chained to a time, chained to tyranny
Forced husband a bore, strictly and lame
You desired more and joined the witches’ game
You can not be blamed for breaking the cage
I could never imagine living in that dark deathly age
Laws built of brimstone, fire and terror
Men living this way was the greatest of error
Run Isobel run, run far away
Come to the forest, join us in the witches’ way
They blame you for passion of artist disguised
Run far away, away from cursed eyes
They blame your frolic and your care free play
Let the tyrants be tyrants, come join the witches’ way
They blame you for wanting and for your natural lust
An enslaved beautiful woman, they held themselves in disgust
If you lived today, you would have the freedom of way
A painter a poet, a witch who loves play
I mourn your lovely spirit, heart broken, a slave
If you had rights, what might you have gave
They twisted your words and cursed you in book
Did you escape the fools wrath with your bewitching look
Run Isobel run, fly far far away
Fly to us this day, to join in the witches’ play