The Oni

Thus I became Oni
I left
For all was theft
My back I turned
For I had learned
No past ones near
No longer dear
To the forest
To hear the immortal chorus
In sight of the eye
Those who had died
In silence and chant
Never the word can’t
Grasp staff of oak
The distant one spoke
That book
Fallen from tree shook
Shadows did stir
Voices I heard
Cast sight towards north
Stand now come forth
All have abandoned
Forsaken and stranded
This is why you came
You of many name
Climb the mountain high
Cast down moon from sky
The Way is in blood and sweat
The price of immortal debt
Cast away the world
Listen to the ever chord
Laughter we sing
Solemn bells we ring
To stand so alone
To stand strongly grown
Oak of the field
Ever grown shield
The Way
To never stray
Alone is the way
Alone never stray
Thus I became Oni

Leaves Stir in Shadow


The Way is all ways
Yet the way is One
It is the path of beauty
Yet does not hide the unbeautiful
The Way is a poet
Ever-choosing silence over the pen
The Way is a painter
Ever-refusing to paint
The Way is a prophet
Yet ever-sharing of wisdom
The Way is a sword of power
Ever-held in a sheath of compassion
Eyes of truth
Worn upon a face of humility
The Way is a single breath
Ever-found in each breath
The Way is the Light
The Way is the Shadow
The Way is deathless
Yet only found in death
The Way is everything
The Way is nothing
The Way is Nothing