Sword Saint

Sword Saint
Heart never faint
One of wild hair
Indomitable stare
Alpha smell
Give all men hell
Filthy attire
Courage to never retire
Cave dweller
Power queller
Sword of strife
Pen of life
For they all fall
Below you small
Elements at your command
Immortal is your stand
Sword of the flower
Forever your power
The Void thus revealed
The Void thus concealed
Show the Way
Name to forever stay
The Way of last cry
The Way of the Samurai

The Leaves

Many years ago
As a stranger young and familiar
I walked alone in my darkness
Branches embraced my flesh
Harshly tender
The leaves
The leaves stirred ahead
Presence felt unseen
For no sight is the Wind
Only action unseen
Everything it was
I witnessed the leaves
Leaves that stir in shadow
What path thus rustled
What direction winds blow
The Way
Which way is the Way
The leaves stir spoke the Wind
Follow the Shadowed Leaves
The begininng of the end
A beginning with no end

Lose Quickly!

Hurry up and lose!
Thus all fear must pass away
Lose quickly
Return to fight another day
Thus is reality:
You will lose more than you will win
A fleeting thing victory is
You must bleed first
To break ego’s curse
I did not come here to win
I came to fail
For a failure I have been
Yet in that is my success
I seek to be put to the test
This must be known
This must be sown
What failure I have seen
What risk I have gambled
What dirt I have tasted
Feel the sting of loss
From the mountainside you are tossed
The furious solitude
The shame of defeat
The embarrassment of pride cast down
How can I show my face
When I feel as a disgrace
Oh, sacred blade
Blood upon skin
Heals pain within
For anger you must transcend
Only then will misery end
Lose quickly!
Once I could only think of victory
Yet victory was not welcoming
For victory only leads to dread
Fear of failure is one mislead
In losing, The Way is found
It is to root you to the ground
All the attempts
To satisfy egos content
Nothing and no one cares for you!
This knowledge will see you through
This day I seek to fall and fail
In order to truly rise one last time
Thus my eternal strength to stand
My silent will to prevail

The Way Brought Us Here

I have known betrayal
I have known pain
My brother, my comrade
What brought us here?
Here we stand
What a sad story
What could have been?
Yet perhaps
We can embrace one last time before we die
Indeed, I have known betrayal
I have known loyalty
Loyalty is a measure uncountable
I will die for you
I will split my stomach open with blade
Here and now
For a man can ask for nothing more
Than loyalty and love
Yet perhaps
We can embrace one last time before we die
With heart and sword
For fate has brought us here…

As Said The Flame

I spoke with the flame
Under the full moon
Under the empty moon
I spoke with the flame
For if one stares long enough
If one seeks without seeking
The flame will show you The Way
Look now! This is your life
Look now! This is your death
Will you still walk The Way?
For fear must burn
Words mean nothing
Only action is weighed
Act without hesitation
For you who walks The Way
If Brother falls
You must fall
We must fall as One
Loyalty is only found in deed
Loyalty is found in the dead
Loyalty is all
As said the flame
This Way to your death
Intimate and blissfully
For it has cultivated The Way
Keep looking
Do not stray
For death is the only Way
As said the flame

Leaves Stir in Shadow


The Way is all ways
Yet the way is One
It is the path of beauty
Yet does not hide the unbeautiful
The Way is a poet
Ever-choosing silence over the pen
The Way is a painter
Ever-refusing to paint
The Way is a prophet
Yet ever-sharing of wisdom
The Way is a sword of power
Ever-held in a sheath of compassion
Eyes of truth
Worn upon a face of humility
The Way is a single breath
Ever-found in each breath
The Way is the Light
The Way is the Shadow
The Way is deathless
Yet only found in death
The Way is everything
The Way is nothing
The Way is Nothing