Sleepy Hollow

We call this Sleepy Hollow
A land sacredly hallow
For it is a quiet valley of forest
A silent chorus
A graveyard here and there
The hidden one thus near
So few travel through
Young tree that has grew
Around fire bright and stark
Stories whispered in the dark
Of goblins, witches and ghosts
Deep forest, ever host
Story true, story real
A rider upon your heel
Indeed, when moon is bright
Shining moon reveals sight
A rider comes upon the wind
A rider the Otherworld does send
Upon untravelled forest track
A hunter rides to make his pact
My eyes have thus burned
A soul that has learned
When owl sings sorrow’s song
Through the night wind howls long
A galloping from distance comes near
God’s eyes through you stare


Welcome my Brother
Spoke He
I have come for no other
The time is now
Put down your plow
Long ago
I did not know
Horns in the distance I hear
Into the blackness I stare
What is this noise
What is the trembling of joy
I did not know
Why my seeds did not sow
Again and again cast down
Chasing a rusted crown
No one cares
To understand, no one dares
Flight far from home
War cast upon one alone
The horns grew loud
In distance a riding crowd
Circling and circling at night
My sleep stirred in sight
My spirit taken away
To a realm I will not say
Year after year
Spirit changed dear
The flame is stroked
The frenzy invoked
Why is this so
I did not know
The horns come again and again
A symphony never to end
He came to me that stormy night
The Wild Rider in plain sight
You who have stalked deepest rage
Come now, brother
Feel no cage
Ride with us this eternal night
Cast away all worldly plight
We have come to claim you
Your time is long past due
Take the spear
Do not fear
Find true self
Eternal wealth
Ride with us this stormy night
You shall have eternal might
Decades I heard the call
A feeling great never small
Caught in the ride
Uncontrolled frenzy never died
What I became
None may name
Yet here and now
Stand above the crowd
In anguish I gained this power
For it is the Huntsman’s hour
Relations became distant
No care every instance
Yet they did not hear the breeze
That followed in life every eve
They did not here the horns afar
Even as a child guided by stars
A stranger I became
To many one insane
Cast away by brothers
No place for me
Never a time another
Every reaction to hate me so
It is because the storm wind blows
The Huntsman came for me
Swept away my veil to see
The eye of the storm I have found
Upon my head the shining crown
To reveal my vision
My immortal decision
With one call
The cavalcade upon will fall
Here to stand in plain sight
Here to rule the day and night
Time of reckoning
The wild ride at my beckoning
Thus the age of one cast down
Now the the age to wear the crown

The Huntsman Is Coming

The Huntsman is coming
Circle to consume flesh
All and nothing left
Stalking of self
Eternal wealth
The Huntsman is coming
Quick, become nothing
I leave
Never to deceive
Into abyss
None will miss
I sit
In silence
A candle lit
Flame of guidance
I have been told
Words of poor gold
The forest a sight to see
Heavy the heavy branched tree
The huntsman is coming
Quick, become nothing
For you shall be full
For you shall rule
Oh, he who is wild
Sun and a child
It has begun
Our song is heard sung
Quickly now, brethren
Arise now, unthreatened
You and you
Our time is due
Time has proven wrong
I hear it
I hear it
Again has come
Again has come our song
The Huntsman is coming
The time no longer long

Song Of The Wolf

High on the hill
In the aged dark house
I hear the lone wolf
Late at night I hear him
Screams of rage
Echoing into the darkness
Cries of fury
Cascading through the forest
The sounds haunt me
Haunt my sleep
Why does he wail such?
What secret does he hide?
If you see him in the sun
Do not intrigue
For it is a song to be left alone
Alone the wolf must howl
To an unknown moon