Neither Fire Nor Iron

I am the wolf of night
Hunt of the moon, howl of fright
I am the silent arrow keen
Of the forest, I track unseen
I am the spear thrust straight
For today is death’s date
Painted skin, mantled pelt
In darkness my hand is felt
Hungry stalker of the shadows
Hidden beast, Lord of Gallows

I am the bear of might
My shield stands ready day and night
I am the claw of power
To bind the limb, pain I shower
Fury of the lonesome cave
Trespassers are sent to eternal grave
Cast one down, break his bone
For my grasp is made of stone
I am the all consuming maw
The feast of flesh my ever call

I am the boar of war
First to break through the door
Rushing forth as hide is thick
More than brute, a bag of tricks
Master of the thicket lost
Secrets of crossroads crossed
I am the axe, tusk of boar
Of my brothers, I stand at fore
The ranks I break and steel I bend
Splintered shields, skulls never mend

The Shadowed


Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 8.22.43 AM

Shadowed ones

Wielders of magic

Warriors fierce

Crow faced

Priestesses of the war goddess

Frenzied women garbed in black

Torch wielders with wild hair

Choosers of slain men

Givers of battle blessing

Hex bound upon enemy

Martial masters

Wardens of the esoteric

Keepers of the secret War Arts

Teachers of heroes

Raven masked

Sisterhood of shadows