Welcome my Brother
Spoke He
I have come for no other
The time is now
Put down your plow
Long ago
I did not know
Horns in the distance I hear
Into the blackness I stare
What is this noise
What is the trembling of joy
I did not know
Why my seeds did not sow
Again and again cast down
Chasing a rusted crown
No one cares
To understand, no one dares
Flight far from home
War cast upon one alone
The horns grew loud
In distance a riding crowd
Circling and circling at night
My sleep stirred in sight
My spirit taken away
To a realm I will not say
Year after year
Spirit changed dear
The flame is stroked
The frenzy invoked
Why is this so
I did not know
The horns come again and again
A symphony never to end
He came to me that stormy night
The Wild Rider in plain sight
You who have stalked deepest rage
Come now, brother
Feel no cage
Ride with us this eternal night
Cast away all worldly plight
We have come to claim you
Your time is long past due
Take the spear
Do not fear
Find true self
Eternal wealth
Ride with us this stormy night
You shall have eternal might
Decades I heard the call
A feeling great never small
Caught in the ride
Uncontrolled frenzy never died
What I became
None may name
Yet here and now
Stand above the crowd
In anguish I gained this power
For it is the Huntsman’s hour
Relations became distant
No care every instance
Yet they did not hear the breeze
That followed in life every eve
They did not here the horns afar
Even as a child guided by stars
A stranger I became
To many one insane
Cast away by brothers
No place for me
Never a time another
Every reaction to hate me so
It is because the storm wind blows
The Huntsman came for me
Swept away my veil to see
The eye of the storm I have found
Upon my head the shining crown
To reveal my vision
My immortal decision
With one call
The cavalcade upon will fall
Here to stand in plain sight
Here to rule the day and night
Time of reckoning
The wild ride at my beckoning
Thus the age of one cast down
Now the the age to wear the crown

Gallows Tree

Do you seek the hand of strength?
The way of shadowed sword?
The frenzied way
The lonely path
Never seek
Nothing will be found
For one is born thus
Until sleep in ground
To master deep forest ways
To don the skin of wolf
Oh so very few
Only the man who grew
One decade will be the time
Until his sight is One
Insanity will be his cry
Find the moon that opens the Eye
Sorely mistaken is the enraged path
Voice of lightning and thunder
Many a fool will claim falsely
The real wolf hears his blunder
Pure masculinity?
What a joke
Leave that for those so false
Embrace the shadows
The Tree of Gallows
What price for wisdom sought
Forge thy hand
In fire and ice
Open the Spirit
Great is the price
A decade will be the beginning
No unmastered fool nor child
Embrace the hand of softness
Or you will never be wild
Such is the cult
We have always been
Falsely represented by weak men
The frenzious way is more than blood
It is one of magic and artful mind
Sitting still one must stay
You believe it is simple rage?
Blind your are with nothing to say
For only when Serpent consumes self
Ones spine is the Lightning struck Tree
Only then will the wolf skin be worn
Only then will you be free
Were will you find him?
The Transcended Wolf?
He is not to be sought
If you have been chosen
You will be found upon the path
Do not walk the open road
You will be mislead
He is within the shadow
Hidden from all
The great art is what sets him apart
Apart from simple ape
From those whoes minds are raped
The frenzied poet
The ergi filled way
Balance to be found
Only then will you be Crowned
A silent speaker he will be
A void of thought and eye
Let fools and weak boast of nothing
He will see through their lie
The blade of most danger
The frenzied magic
Not weak anger
Fire bright
Chanted dance of night
Howl echoed amongst trees
Enlightened cult
Wolfskin sought
Sacrifice of self
Eternal wealth

Pathless Path

One must cut ties
This path
This title
It is not one spoken
It is not one worn
You are named by default
For that is what we have always been
Created with no other name
Isolation and shadow is our home
Severe ties with the known
For every outside thought is one corrupt
For who could share
For who could care
To all men you must turn your back
Flee from the city
Flee from the concrete
Seek the immortal grove of oak
Blind your eyes cover your ears
The already dead most not be touched
Do not be controlled by the religion of media
You seem so guilty, no?
Television is forbidden
Do not look upon these whores
Paid only for your lust
Watched only because of self disgust
Walk away
A baby step for those thus lost
Do not listen
For such filth does glisten
Do not listen to radio sound
Nothing heard is timeless
It belongs in the ground
So much to say
Not to be heard by wandering ears
So I have thus spoken in basic
To keep away the near
You believe you have friends?
All will eventually end
Save the few who thus stand true
Do not read upon subject as written
This false and the costumed play
The hidden face
The true disgrace
Seek the timeless tomes
Understand if this is your home
No family will accept one so named
To name yourself is a false claim
For if your seed you truly sow
Without a word
All will know
You believe one should be accepted?
This path is only walked by those rejected
Again and again with no end
For this is what we are
Keep true work secret
True art hidden
For it will reveal itself in time
For the mysterious ways are truth
No result when so displayed
All the tools be careful with
For they may lead you astray
No power in word and this way movement
The true result come from silent unmoving will
Be so careful with what you read
Who you share
For others thoughts are ill
A pathless path
Peer into the glass
For one may disappear
Or perhaps in shadow of melting wax
One may see true face
Perhaps you walk a mistaken path
Yet what was that?
What face peered back
Who is this I have been?
True nature revealed
Nothing concealed
A long lost myth
My secret gift

For Isobel

I dedicate This hidden-work
To you, Fair Isobel Fair
Silenced poet
Painter enslaved
Artist caged no more
Under Abrahamic law
The millions abused
The millions enslaved
I desire all find true way
Yet tonight I call to only one
To the Fire Fair
Oh Her glowing glare
I summon only thee this night
Under moon and bleeding star so bright
Have I not wept?
Have I not bled?
Have you not come in dream?
You of Fair Fire strong
Under moon I sing your song
Tonight I light a beacon bright
Earthly star shining sight
A guide away from realm of mist
To realm of dirt and blood
Tonight I light a fire true
Tonight I offer my love

Hunter’s Gift

The misty forest
Cold and deep
Stalking with ill intent
Wet leaves of silence
Wilderness smells as guidance
Laughter I hear far away
A melody of many
Sounds of feminine youth and play
Follow the music
My ears lead the way
Leaves become dry
Air grows slowly warm
The mist a golden blanket aglow
Nothing here appears old
The grove ahead
Stands a white tree
Five maidens sway and dance
Circling so free
Singing and laughing
Clothes made of mist
Oh what a sight to see
Vibrant and life filled
Daughters of natures peak
With hair of autumn red
And summer gold
Winter white
And midnight bright
Nectar filled flowers of spring
I feel no wind
Yet it appears a breeze blows
Life bloom at the feet
A floating step that does not meet
I have passed the hedge
Fey have beckoned me ahead
Never one to to only stare
Put down the gun
Make your presence bare
They stop to see
Eyes wondrous and free
Like foxes of sly luaghter
They dance behind the trees
Eyes peak around
Curious and with no frown
A lingering thought
A feeling that leads the way
Follow us follow us
Come with us and stay
Upon unknown breeze cannabis I smell
Or perhaps I am under a spell
Ahead they dance
Skipping away
Looking ever behind they sway
Come follow this way
You belong with Our Kind
Crossing over a stream of mead
Oh what magic I taste and see
Why do you seduce me so
All my wishes they know and sow
As they spiral and float
Follow us they silently spoke
The champion’s portion awaits
A glass never empty
A pipe ever burns up ahead
Follow us follow us
Never mislead
Leave the empty world behind
Follow us follow us
You belong with Our Kind


Great Queen
Lady of Sky
You have been betrayed
From the moment you became locked in myth written
Created by hands of a slave
The imagery of you is blasphemy
From abrahamic romanticism a century past
To modern hypocrisy of those who look to you
Yet they would be terrified to walk your true path
You, great queen
A lady from distant isles
Recorded under lands across the sea
You are more than they say
You are enlightenment in female one
Warriors bound to your will
Magic yours to command
Beauty and fertility bestowed upon the land
Only the hanged one to match you
You are an eminence from the time you ruled
Yet your myth recorded is under pretense and agenda
How dare a woman be such amongst slaves
Yet deep in the past things were much differently
Your name is beyond what they say
The crow who flies
The magic that causes battle to sway
The fierce eyed and lovely hipped
Desire for such is every mans back felt whip
To invoke you is to bring about One
Your path is the moon and sun
Poetic Frenzy in one culture
Is the pair if the unknowing care
Do not be enslaved by one mans texts
A blessing yet a curse it is
He was under the enslaved hex
True words are read twice as long
First understand the long dead heart song
Looking upon your broken image
Is a modern mirage
They must see your rightful place
Believing you are bound to one time and culture
What a disgrace
Trickled to a time of matrilineal society
That was the way of many a land
The modern mind of both sexes can not understand
I final name upon you placed
The Great Lady they called you
Your last written place
Yet today we have awoken
From the slavery of man broken
A thousand years of terror
Perhaps we will see their error
Mighty Queen
Goddess of War
Sorceress Supreme
Fertility in abundance
Beauty none could imagine gleamed
Enlightenment and Oneness your path
Call the warriors back torward
Pledged we are to move forward

When Witches Fly


Fly ever high
Fly the moonlit sky
Free from chains
Seeking destination from spell
Herbs of this
Plants of that
To create magic
Magic so deep deeply felt
Datura and bane of hen
Belladonna and mandrake
Your legs will quiver and shake
Hemlock and glove of fox
This leads to death if you ingest
Carefully delight or plight
Mugwort, sage of clary and wormwood
Leading to pleasure few understood
Balm of gilead and calamus root
Yarrow and tansy
Bound in fat, rubbed upon you tenderly
Were lust and life is held
Were flowers bloom
Flight will come quickly
Take up the herb lathered broom
Bane of wolf and ditanny of crete
Always remember, the unguent you do not eat
Opium poppy and cannabis flower
Now we fly high, so high with power
Perhaps some ale or mead
To fly forth and break slavery
Perhaps some ergot of rye
Know the correct measures of all
Rub the magic between female thigh
Fly agaric for those who have opened the eye
The sight thus given to fly so high
Sacred space in a place alone
Or all will hear you moan and moan
Freedom found
Ecstasy unbound
Goddess of life
Let your rushing river freely release
Ride upon anointed broom
Fly without fear
Feel the blossoming flower
Feel the witches power
The power of freedom
The freedom of self
The spirit it flies
High upon night sky
Lead by the witches Eye
Soft sweet laughter
Explosion of pleasure
Fly in the ether
Darling come hither
We will fly together
As no broom could create
Apply potion
Feel the motion
Fly ever high and free

Isobel The Fair

Isobel, fair Isobel, my poor dear fair Isobel
The time you lived in was their make believe hell
A prisoner in an age of despair
Beauty was yours with long crimson hair
Creative mind with spirit so free
Body chained to a time, chained to tyranny
Forced husband a bore, strictly and lame
You desired more and joined the witches’ game
You can not be blamed for breaking the cage
I could never imagine living in that dark deathly age
Laws built of brimstone, fire and terror
Men living this way was the greatest of error
Run Isobel run, run far away
Come to the forest, join us in the witches’ way
They blame you for passion of artist disguised
Run far away, away from cursed eyes
They blame your frolic and your care free play
Let the tyrants be tyrants, come join the witches’ way
They blame you for wanting and for your natural lust
An enslaved beautiful woman, they held themselves in disgust
If you lived today, you would have the freedom of way
A painter a poet, a witch who loves play
I mourn your lovely spirit, heart broken, a slave
If you had rights, what might you have gave
They twisted your words and cursed you in book
Did you escape the fools wrath with your bewitching look
Run Isobel run, fly far far away
Fly to us this day, to join in the witches’ play