The Black Oak Coven

Countless voices call out our name
Countless names, never one same
Silent whispers in our sleeping hearts
Awake, awake, a new sun, a new start
Endless souls, we hear their pained cries
Endless voices, the fated who died
Countless souls, we hear their ecstatic bliss
Ancestral power, so long we have missed
Endless wails, we hear a single furious roar
Arise, arise, raven’s wings shall soar
Denounce the slaves of the jealous one
Traitors all! Each one do shun
Break the chains of imposed decree
Rise from our blood, rise for all to see
Cast down the shaven lamb, the enslaved soul
Reclaim, reclaim what the slavemaster stole
The thunder roars, whom do you hear!?
Stand ever tall, cast away foreign fear
The storm wind wails, what do you feel!?
Arise ever high, never again will they steal
Walk ever proud children of earth and mist
Proclaim our blood truth, voice of iron fist
The traitors are many, their weakness does crawl
Stride as the giant, cast down false lineage small
Know whom you are, know each your scar
Healed are our wounds, never again wander far
Sanctity and honour, knock upon death’s door
Traitorous land of false brothers, a declaration of war.

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