Silent Mist

Memory’s ghost I call
Energy, I give all
A strong right hand
One who will stand
This time around
We have no crown
A sad song bards sing
We have no neck rings
How sad, what became
One whose soul is the same
What of her two brave sons?
Lost we are, the cycle has run
For bravery has chosen me to flee
Into the mist none can see
Oh, brave one well loved
When not in battle, a dove
Farewell my brother
Perhaps time another
In silence we cry
In silence we die


Drawing 2014

Valkyrie’s Touch

Under white moon so bright
Lost eyes of misty sight
I wished upon a shooting star
Oh so distant, Oh so near
What is this
I see and hear
A singing ghost
A wordless host
Here I lie
Wounded in bed
My dog sits with love
Waiting to be led
As we do, to run and play
I apologize my only friend
For I must stay
Too much blood will be lost
I have already payed the cost
Thus I have kept
Blessed hammer near
To cast away infection
To have no fear
My heart it yearns
To rejoin the hunt wild
The horns blow afar
I feel as a left behind child
Yet promised to circle the star
Promised I am to rejoin the ride
The cavalcade will never be far
A lesson was humbly sent
Allfather’s power divinely lent
Never take for granted the walk
I would trade and never again talk
As a defender of Malta
With sword in hand
Crippled we sit wounded
To make valiant last stand
Or of the time
When named the Hound
Last act: tied standing to rock
As to not fall to the ground
Yet a light in the darkness
Came to heal starkness
For three nights
Valkyries visited dream
To ease wounded mind
Blood of my kind
Blessing the lame
For that is I
The one with No Name
So long ago was different
What of me became?
Upon my path
Beauty she shined
Inspired poetry nameless
I feel less weak, less blind
Thank you for coming
I have not felt fine
Such words of a flower
Have inspired my power
I will walk again soon
Soon is the hour
The eye of the storm
I must remain
Yet when I return
The winds will never
Never again be the same!
Oh, the Tempest’s power
Soon, soon is the hour

Witches’ Boon

You have stroked my fire
Invoked is my desire
I wish to taste your honeyed lips
Summoned by your swaying hips
I wish to consume your flesh so soft
Tightly grip your hips aloft
To lick your salted skin
Every inch and within
To eat the nectar of your flower
Swollen and ripe from my power
The shadows are deep this night
It is true, sometimes I bite
To taste your blood
To offer my love
To hold you down and take your hair
Look into your eyes so bare
I want to feel you wild and free
Only for me to see
Feel the pressure and rhythmic force
Allow the tides to run their course
Howling as she wolf of night
Below silver moon shining bright
Let your river run so free
No dam can hold back thee
Relax and moan
Sowed spirit flown
Pour forth your essence
Bare is your presence
This night I bind you to my will
Of your nectar I take my fill
Quiver and shake
Ecstasy for such sake
Take my power deep inside
Consumed within you is my pride
This night under blessed full moon
This night of the witch’s boon

Ancient Promises

So often they say:
Your manner is strange
Are you from this land?

I am from many lands
Upon Nine Worlds I stand
Here and There I stare
Thus you are forced to glare

How often they ask:
The golden hair of your head
Is it real?

It is only an illusion
Separation from delusion
The roots of Yggdrasil grow deep
Ancient promises to keep